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As a zero waste, fashion business, we sew up each and every garment, only once an order is placed on our website. 

This ensures that no fabric goes to waste, and that no unsold garments end up in landfill. 

As such, we do like to make our customers aware that waiting time for purchases can, on occasion, reach up to 4 weeks, however we always strive to despatch orders as fast as possible! 


Due to our varying delivery times, we understand that from time to time, our customers may need certain reassurances regarding the delivery date of their order. 

As such, we kindly welcome you to reach out to us at 


Here, we will be able to further advise you on the likely delivery date of your order, based on our factory's schedule and workload.


Please do note however that while we may be able to specify a likely date, we can never 100%  guarantee an order's delivery date, due to external factors. 

We understand, however that during the festive season, it is extremely important that our customers have 100% certainly that their purchase will arrive in time for Christmas!

As such, we are delighted to confirm that any orders placed between the 26th of November and the 5th of December will be successfully delivered before Christmas.

However, please be aware that subject to the volume of orders we receive, the 5th of December may be moved up, so please place your intended order asap to avoid disappointment.