So obviously there's a million fashion brands popping up all over the place - and I've been reminded countless times by investors how risky the retail landscape is. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't occasionally come out in a full blown panic attack over every single issue that could go wrong. But despite the risk aspect, I really believe in my company, and think there's a space for it in the market.

So this week, I really want to share with you, how I'll be approaching my point of difference within the industry, and what gaps 'herside' will fill. It's really important to me that I launch a company that acts in service of women's confidence and doesn't become just another instagram brand, selling the same type of clothes, that come with the same type of problems. We've really tried to re-think every aspect of fashion retail to ensure that the 'HERSIDE' brand really is on 'HER' 'SIDE'.

So firstly lets talk aesthetic. the design of this collection will be innovative, fresh and authentic - aka - we will not be coping the work of designers and churning out the cheaper version. It's always been really important to me that this company is not reliant on other companies for its design 'inspiration' and that we offer something that is completely our own. I've recruited super talented designers that really embody genuine creativity and I can't wait to share the beautiful, original designs that come from this new approach. And since every design will be 100% driven by a single designer, you can expect to see their name sewn into the garment, just below the 'HERSIDE' LABEL!

In generating our own design concepts, we will also be avoiding the imfamous 'seasonal trend'. This, again is really important, to 'herside' in maintaining our vision to be different. We want to offer an opposing viewpoint each season, to compensate for the repetitive trend pieces exhausted every quarter. We want to grow into an authority brand when it comes to...

"design driven, timeless, classics that embody a rebellious nature against the common trend".

We believe it's important for very woman to have the opportunity to build her wardrobe up, by selecting pieces that stand the test of time and work together as one complete story, never losing their perceived value over time.

The other main difference to 'herside' is that we're in the process of establishing a fresh process when it comes to achieving the perfect fit. Since the dawn of rtw (Ready to Wear), retailers have worked to a size system that goes by the concept that the difference between one woman's shape and another woman's shape are small proportional size increments. Except we know this isn't how women's bodies actually work? This is particularly evident in any pieces that are supposed to fit close to the body such as blazers, trousers, slim fit shirts or anything else that's fashioned without a stretch fabric.

We're still working with factories to determine what our supply chain will look like, if we were to implement a fully customisable sizing service, however this will be very much determined by the individual design itself. Obviously, not every piece of clothing needs to be customisable at every single measurement point and so we want to ensure that if we do offer the option to increase/decrease a measurement (for example the bust or trouser length), it is because this will bring real added value to our customers.

There are a few more points of difference we're working on, but the two main pillars of the business are design driven classics and customisable sizing. We believe that if an item is going to work in your wardrobe for years, it is worth investing into the perfect fit and we really hope we can offer something fresh, that will revolutionise how women shop. The challenge of course, is to achieve this on a budget.

Next week, the blog will talk about how we raised our finance (£10,000), and how the course that granted us those funds really accelerated 'herside's' progress. So if you're interested in starting your own company, but don't have the funds you need (I definitely didn't!), I recommend looking out for next Sunday's post . Alternatively subscribe to the blog, for the post to be sent directly into your inbox.

I hope everyone that is able to, is staying safe at this time.

Thank you so much for reading!



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