A re brand? Again??? Yes. I love to re brand my company at least every 6 months.... No obviously I'm joking (or at least trying to laugh through the tears) but this will be the last time! Regrettably there was a huge issue in using the name 'HERSIDE' which was absolutely devastating to discover. Kind of a tricky one to explain but it was really important to us that we no longer operated using this name. We went from browsing Pinterest for chic, aesthetically pleasing packaging inspo to frantically running around the house, having to cancel every domain, email address account, bank account and insurance policy under the now - wrong business name. AND now come up with an entirely new one. To say I've had better weeks would be putting it mildly.

However! In the past two weeks since I last posted to the blog, I've learnt some huge business lessons through all of this. One of the most important ones being - do not (under any circumstances) operate your business based on an expectation you have of how something will go. It will not go that way. Plan for the worst but hope for the best (but sadly the worst is more likely to happen). However, now that I've finally gotten around to writing this blog post, and I'm evaluating it all... I really do believe we've come out the other end a lot stronger. Being faced with the kind of news that just makes you go "why am I doing this again??" and then taking up the challenge of rebranding the company in a single day, really showed me how much I really want this business to succeed. And ever since our re brand, me and the team (yup we're a team of 3 now!) have really pushed ourselves to be the best we can be and I'm so proud of everything we've achieved in such a short space of time.

So what are we called now? We're called 'MODEL CTIZN'. And I really really love the new name. I won't lie and say I didn't have a full on funeral in my head over 'HERSIDE' but I feel the new name is actually more us. Through all the business decisions that have been made so far, I really feel like this brand is shaping up to be exactly what the name entails. It's been so rewarding for me to make decisions based on ethics and morals instead of with the soul purpose of profit maximisation. And while we certainly hope to make one or two sales come March, it won't feel like a true achievement unless it was done the right way.

However, when I got asked what I'd do when we inevitably get it wrong one day and don't live up to 'MODEL CTIZN' (or model company) standards, I actually fell in love with the name even more. While I can 100% see the mockery media headlines (although hopefully we don't do anything quite that bad), there's a lot of humour and irony to play around with, through the branding imagery. And I think I like aspect more. Because while we all try our best, our company included, sometimes we get it wrong and that's just part of the gig of being human (or a brand new company). Fashion and humour go amazingly well together so I can't wait to start building up our branding mood boards now! I think there's just so much exciting potential with this new name!

First point of business with this re brand is the logo. Objectively speaking the most fun part and yet the part that you later realise makes you want to rip your hair out, completely. So much to say through one single, little icon... which of course will be on every single thing the customer sees and touches. It has to be fresh, simple but very authentic. How this turns out is still very much uncertain but hopefully we reach a point in the next few weeks (potentially months) where we feel like we really nailed it.

All I can say about this, is thank goodness for the critical path we developed because we left time for things like this to go wrong. There was a really strong temptation for me to plan everything for a December launch, and had the name disaster happened in that scenario, I honestly can't say how I would have reacted. There just wouldn't have been the time to get it executed how we really wanted and it wouldn't have been the launch we intended.

From today onwards, you'll be able to see our new website, as well as our new social media handles. Profile pictures are still making their way over slowly but those changes will follow later. Thank you to everyone that's been supporting us through our journey thus far. It's been a crazy couple of weeks but we're making huge leaps in progress these days and Emma's collection is looking stronger and stronger as the days go by! Soon, her collection will be available for pre order prior to our main launch. More information will made available about that soon!

In the meantime follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook as all of our pre order information will be made available there first!



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