The weekly blog posts are definitely turning into bi-monthly posts these days but we've just been so unbelievably busy with everything that needs to be done! As you know, we've planned our official launch for March next year, but due to the corona virus pandemic, we, like so many other companies have turned our attention to face masks. Never thought in a million years, this would be our first product launch, but after already experiencing quite a few that don't have the recommended 3 layers, feel scratchy, don't wash well or are just unattractive, we've become really motivated to come out with our own version!

Last week we approved our fabric samples and I can't wait to share what we've come up with! We're so happy with them! We've managed to source a stunning, 100% sustainable, cotton, satin in two stunning colours, with a gorgeous ribbon tie. The ribbon is also woven from filaments that have come from broken down plastic bottles, so we couldn't be prouder of our final product! We're on track to have these available 2 weeks from today, in a ribbon colour of your choosing! Once available for purchase, we'll post these to our Instagram feed so if you would like updated on when you can browse them, follow our Instagram here!

When we first discussed offering face masks, I think we thought it would be something quick and easy to do. A day maximum. What we actually found was that in order to make face masks fit everyone and therefore everyone's individual facial contours, we ended up with about 100 prototypes (I exaggerate slightly of course but there's quite a lot!). In the end, we're offering 2 different shapes. I think there's been quite a few different shapes on the market and people are really starting to develop their preferences so we're offering 2 different types for you, with adjustable straps!

Also, we wanted to make sure that we launched a responsible product. "Stay safe but make it fashion" is definitely the creative direction here, but we really felt it was important to launch something that genuinely offered protection to the people wearing them. In order to ensure we were adding the correct features, we've read loads of articles about how closely woven the fabrics need to be, layer number, fabric type, breathability measures and how these masks should be responsibly put on and taken off again - which of course all affected our designs. For a second we really wanted to offer some dramatic ribbons, and then it occurred to us that those ribbons would just be floating around the wearer, ready to pick up the virus any moment...

What we have now, is a 100% sustainably made and sourced, face mask, in two different shapes, in two different colours, with a selection of ribbon tie colours to chose from. We've just now waiting on our fabric order!!

If anyone is interested in pre-ordering these, contact us here, as we'd be delighted to privately share some images of what will be available in the next couple of weeks! We know some people have really struggled to find some, so if you fall into that category, drop us an email and we'd be more than happy to get one to you a bit sooner than the 2 week official launch date!

Thank you so much for reading and remember to stay safe!



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