Established earlier last year, MODEL CTIZN is a fashion brand dedicated to supporting the next generation of British fashion designers. 

H  O  W  ?

We collaborate with recent, talented, graduate students in bringing their fresh design ideas to life. 

Our first collaboration is with

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Inspired by our own NHS staff who are playing the most crucial role in our fight against Covid 19, our first designer, 'Emma', decided to take a look at the history of the NHS uniform. Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century Emma drew inspiration from both her extensive research as well as her own mother's career in nursing. By exploring the ever evolving dress code of our British nurses throughout history, Emma has created some of the most beautiful and original designs that all stem from various, nostalgic elements. Our 'Structured Bando' for example, was born from the traditional nursing hats. Towards the end of their lifespan, these were made from paper, with every nurse educated on how to fashion these together. When coming across some instructions for this on her research journey, 'Emma' lay out her finished hat, flat, to find fresh, shapes. From this, she constructed the first version of our 'Structured Bando'. 


Also during her research phase, Emma came across her mother's old nursing dictionary. After scanning in the book cover and examining the letters, 'Emma' decided to create a half mirrored repeat print. The day our samples came back, we knew we had something special! We decided to colour in the letters gold for our classic trench coat (behind) and beige for our 'Structured Bando' and 'Silhouette Dress'. Named the print of the century, for it's striking aesthetic and inspiration origin.


With both 'Emma' and our brand 'MODEL CTIZN', dedicated to sustainable fashion design, it was such a delight working together, to create a responsible fashion collection. One of our most sustainable and responsible pieces in the range is our 100% biodegradable suede dress. Not only does it feel absolutely gorgeous against the skin, but it will biodegrade itself, once placed into landfill (which we hope only happens after it is reworn, passed on, donated and recycled first). We also have our beautifully classic and timeless black 'Silhouette Dress', which is made form dead stock, that otherwise would have ended up in landfill. In addition to these, our printed 'Silhouette Dress' and our blouse are made from 100% organic cottons. The rest of our collection is GOTS certified fabrics and sourced responsibly. 


T H E   T E A M

Through our journey building collection 001, many incredible people were apart of the process. 

Watch our BTS videos, which introduce everyone on set.



Z E R O   W A S T E

As a zero waste business, we work with multiple seamstresses, factories and tailors throughout Scotland to produce our pieces on demand. 

This does mean that our delivery times exceed other fashion retailers, however our passion towards a greener future is something we are deeply committed to and we hope you'll join us in our mission!

Responsible sourcing is a huge part of our values, and and such, everything from our fabrics to our packaging has been scrutinised and swapped out for a more ethical version wherever possible.

Transparency is a big part of ethical trading and as such we welcome any questions you may have! Just drop us an email, and we'd be more than delighted to share with you any information you require, regarding our small, fashion business. 



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